Abbey Psychological Services

Abbey Psychological Services, is a branch of Spring Psychology and Wellness Centre.

Abbey Psychology provides psychological services to individuals who are specifically dealing with workplace stress and/or injury and are with WSIB.

Our Registered Psychologists have been working within this area for over 20 years. They have worked in various settings such as in specialty programs in rehabilitative physiotherapy clinics at Altum Health (UHN) and within mental health programs at Homewood Health.

Some of the specialty areas have included:

  • First Responder and PTSD

  • Back and Neck Program

  • Lower Extremity Program (including Foot and Ankle and Hip and Knee Programs)

  • Upper Extremity Program (including Hand and Wrist, and Shoulder and Elbow Programs)

  • Mental Health Program

  • Neurology and Concussion Program

Services provided at Abbey Psychological Services include:

  • Liaising with WSIB to determine eligibility for psychological services

  • Conducting a comprehensive psychological assessment which explores workplace restrictions and/or accommodations and additional factors which could impact work

  • Providing psychological treatment by a Registered Psychologist

  • Communicating with WSIB regarding psychological restrictions, progress and for RTW. This could include case conferences with the WSIB Case Manager, Nurse Consultant and/or the Return to Work Specialist (RTWS)

  • Assisting with Return to Work (RTW) when appropriate

  • Monitoring RTW plans to ensure success

There is no fee for our services which are provided through WSIB's Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) We are currently accepting new WSIB referrals at Abbey Psychological Services for both Assessment and Treatment. At this time we do not have a waiting list.