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Spring Psychology and Wellness Centre requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice in order for you to avoid paying for a missed session.

  • No, services offered by our psychologists are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). 
  • However, similar to physical therapy or dental services our fees are reimbursed by extended health care insurance. (Please contact your insurance company prior to booking, for details on your plan).
  • Spring Psychology and Wellness Centre is able to bill directly with select insurance companies, give us a call to discuss further. 
  • Our fees for services are consistent with the Ontario Psychological Association's recommended fee schedule.

We ask that payment be made at the end of each appointment. We accept the following methods of payment; Cash, E-transfer and Credit Card. Most psychological services are HST exempt in Ontario and are considered a tax-deductible medical expense. Once payment has been received, a receipt will be issued.

As we provide a wide range of services the length will depend on which service you are booked in for. Psychological assessments for example can take 1 to 2 hours and treatment sessions are generally 50 minutes in length.

Initially treatment sessions are weekly and as the treatment progresses sessions may become bi-weekly or on an as needed basis. 

Due to COVID-19 and maintaining a safe environment for our Clients and Psychologists, we are currently only offering virtual appointments. We have the option of video or telephone sessions. Clients will be able to select based on their level of comfort. 

No, our clients do not require a doctor’s note or referral to utilize our services. Select insurance providers may require a doctor’s note, please check with the insurance company for more information.  

Yes, we also offer services in Punjabi and Hindi.