Psychoeducational Assessment Services

At Spring Psychology and Wellness Centre we conduct psychoeducational assessments of children, adolescents and adults.

Assessments for school aged children

Parents often request psychoeducational assessments for a number of reasons. This includes:

  • When they notice that their child is not progressing with educational goals

  • When the school has identified concerns with the student’s academics

  • When they notice that their child is excelling in certain subject areas and struggling on others

  • When their child is not engaged in their learning. This could include not wanting to go to school, not doing their homework.

  • When their child is not maximizing their learning potential

  • When there is a family history of learning disabilities

  • When it has been recommended by another professional i.e. family physician/pediatrician, psychiatrist, teacher, tutor, speech and language pathologist

  • When they require an updated assessment for post-secondary education

  • When they believe their child requires accommodations at school

  • When there are concerns related to the child’s behaviour, social-emotional functioning and/or self-regulation and executive functioning

Psychoeducational assessments can help to identify and diagnose the following:

  • Learning disabilities including reading, written expression and mathematics

  • Gifted assessments

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Mood conditions including depression and anxiety

  • Intellectual Disabilities

Psychoeducational Assessment can help to:

  • Understand a student’s learning profile i.e. strengths and weaknesses.

  • This profile will help to guide learning goals.

  • Help with accommodations

  • Help with entry into a specialized class or program within the school board i.e. gifted, reading remediation class

Psychoeducational assessments involve:

  • A parental interview to collect developmental and background information in addition to current functioning and concerns

  • Reviewing report cards and additional school information

  • Psychometric assessment where standardized tests are conducted that examine various areas including cognitive, academic, memory, social-emotional, behavioural, executive functioning and adaptive functioning

  • A feedback session to go over the results of the assessment

  • A report is provided to the parent that can then be distributed to the school/post-secondary institute, family physician and other professionals working with the student