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Our Approach

As the words “Spring” and “Wellness” suggest we at Spring Psychology and Wellness Centre aim to install hope, motivation and self-compassion when working with you. We work collaboratively with you when providing assessment, treatment and consultation services.

At Spring Psychology and Wellness Centre we embrace inclusion and diversity and offer services in confidence with a warm, nonjudgmental, empathic approach that is wholistic. We welcome learning more about you and your experiences and perspectives and invite you to reach out to continue your journey of wellness and resilience. Our Clinical Psychologists have Doctoral degrees in Psychology and are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. We offer services to children, adolescents and, adults including the geriatric population. Our psychologists have a foundation in psychodynamic theory with an integration of more structured techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy.

Dr. Parmjit Sanghera

I have been practicing psychology for more than 20 years. I have a diverse clinical background which includes working in hospitals, rehabilitation/health and school settings. The key to any psychological service is the relationship with clients. To that end my approach encompasses working collaboratively with clients on mutual goals within a relationship where the client feels safe, heard, empowered and supported. I work on developing a therapeutic alliance with clients by practicing warmth, empathy, compassion and authenticity. I aim to foster resilience and utilize client strengths in treatment. Overall, I work within a client-centred framework and integrate many techniques that are tailored to the specific goals and needs of the client.

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Dr. Sarbjit Sanghera

I have been practicing in the field of psychology for over two decades, working in a variety of settings with diverse populations, ranging from mental health centres to longer term tertiary care settings. As an experienced psychologist, I exercise empathy, compassion and I am nonjudgmental, open and accepting with every client. Treatment is highly supportive and client centered. In treatment we will work together to provide you with tools to use in your daily life in order to overcome obstacles and hurdles and to improve your inner self and relationships with others.